Starcraft 2 – Starcraft 2 out on 27 July

Somehow I reported this news on my Diablo 3 site but not here.

Well, if you’re living on the Moon, yes, Starcraft 2 has it’s official release date set at 27 July 2010.

Now, this will only include the Terran campaign (as far as I know). You’ll have to pay separate for the Zerg and Protoss campaigns and I bet they’ll make it so that you have to buy them in order to have a NORMAL multiplayer experience.

The good news is I’ve played the Starcraft 2 beta and it looks like an amazing game. It improves greatly on Starcraft, it’s a lot more dynamic and diverse.

One of the more interesting features is the new The rankings, the leagues, and different rewards stimulate a “one more game” mentality.

I would write more but really the beta ends this month so boy oh boy, I need to return to play more games as random. This is really excellent practice.


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