Indonesia Handicraft Furniture Wholesale Marketplace Event

Indonesia is a country so rich with culture, natural beauty and natural wealth spread from Sabang to Merauke city. Indonesia is also a country that becomes a destination of tourists from various parts of the world because it has a variety of uniqueness. Crafts or handicrafts is one of the products produced by the skillful hands of craftsmen that their products have penetrated the international craft market. Because of the unique, Indonesia, of course have a variety of handicrafts in each region. Ranging from wood crafts, rattan to waste. Crafts can be obtained easily in all corners of Indonesia. With a wealth of natural and crafts so abundant, of course, needed a marketing forum organized so that the results of this craft with easy access to unbiased people from overseas. Indonesia Handicraft Furniture Wholesale Marketplace container and in my opinion is a very appropriate event to promote fatherly Indonesian handicrafts.

Indonesian handicraft products, such as woven mats, embroidery, coarse, carvings, chairs, tables, furniture and other currently marketed to 233 countries worldwide. Indonesian handicrafts have a huge appreciation from the public in other countries because of having artistic value, originality and expressing the culture of Indonesia. One proof that the craft had a large enough response from countries outside the Entrepreneur and exporter of various handicrafts from Bali to penetrate potential markets in Africa, with trade volume and foreign exchange earnings quite stable despite the economic conditions has not been encouraging. Realization of Bali handicraft exports to Africa during the first quarter in 2006 worth U.S. $ 1 million or not much different from the same period in 2005. Are you interested in the crafts of our country? If interested I suggest you visit our site outofindonesia immediately and you will find various types of crafts we produce.


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