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The best thing about old furniture is the new sprightliness you can give it. It doesn’t take much gift — just a trifle creativeness and solitaire if you’ve never taken on afurniture projection before.

Accept this challenge : instead of throwing out that old chest from your nipper’s room, think of a new use for it. Reprocessing furniture can be a great deal of playfulness, plus it’s a good way to get a New Look at a fraction of the toll. If you are not felicitous with the finished production, begin over or then give in to buy a new furniture man.

Think about that old chest. Is there a draftsman that’s broken? Maybe you can take out that drawer and make a shelf from the opening move. Would it make a nice TV standpoint if it was just a trifle taller? Consider screwing finials that you can ascertain in your local wholesale house onto the bottom to make “stages” or “feet.”

And never undervalue the top executive of a coat of paint! Old furniture gets a speedy update when painted. If you like the ratty smart look, tatter the fresh pigment task a little by sandpapering around nooks and other heavy use areas to make a worn look. If it’s your first time to try thisfurniture painting technique, endow in an cheap outfit that can be found oneself at any retail discounter.

If you are really originative and not afraid to try new things with your old furniture, you can make some funky new accessaries for your nursing home. Use an old bureau as a sink basinful for your john. Use the headboard or footboard from a twin size bed as the back of a bench.

Reaching your old furniture a New Look does not always include making a new subprogram for it. E.g., mantle and tuck cloth over an old couch or tete a tete to give it a “slipcovered” look. Or, hot mucilage some cloth on top of the old Calamus rotang panels on the cocktail table you’ve had for classes. Bring down it out by hot pasting some braided well kept around the edges and you’ve made a New Look for the board.

If your article of furniture was painted but you’d like to turn over it a stained look, give it a try. Most woods are easy leached of pigment and stain can be used in the colour and intensiveness of your option. Just pursue the directions rendered by the stain producer.

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