Which Materials Should You Choose?

Outdoor furniture as the name suggests is a kind of furniture especially designed for outdoor or garden use. It comes in many styles. However it is typically made of weather resistant materials to withstand different weather conditions outside. Some of the oldest surviving kinds of this type of outside furniture can be found in the gardens of Pompeii.

The best outdoor furniture is often sold as a patio set which includes a table, four or six chairs and an umbrella. A picnic table is used for outdoor meals. A parasol, which is another kind of furniture for outdoors, is the term used for a specialized umbrella created to provide shelter from the sun. They are usually secured in a weighted base or built-in mount. Some are movable and others are centered through a mid-table hole.
Wooden outdoor furniture has to be treated periodically to withstand the elements. Teak is the most used material since it is resistant to outside weather conditions and is very sturdy. It is also resistant to fire, alkalis and acid.

Aluminum outside or garden furniture is long lasting and durable. Nevertheless, once the protective coating is compromised, it will rust. Plastic furniture is waterproof and these items can usually be left outside all year round. Plastic may also be used to coat an aluminium frame to make the furniture more weather resistant.
Another good choice for the best outdoor furniture is wrought iron. These items are attractive, traditional in style and long-lasting able to withstand all types of weather. In more recent times, cast iron and steel are the materials often used to present the traditional look of wrought iron furniture.

The wicker outdoor living furniture units are made of two materials. Originally, they were made from stems of any of the 600 species of palms found in tropical lands all over the world. The stems were woven tightly to interlocking panels and formed into the structure desired.

These days, the modern wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin, which increases its life expectancy and lowers the manufacturing costs. Resin outdoor or garden furniture is a good environmental choice. The resin furniture these days is usually made of recycled plastic and the pieces are wonderfully durable with warranties of up to twenty years of even more. It can be made and molded to look like wicker or real wood.

For the best outdoor furniture for the patio, gazebo and garden for your home, you can check out your nearest furniture store or yard and garden center, although for a wider choice and great prices too you should take a look online.(Source : Best Outdoor Furniture – Which Materials Should You Choose?)

You can find out more about outside patio furniture here as well as other attractive and weather resistant furniture for your yard and garden such as outdoor furniture gazebo styles here.

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