Vera Wang & Louboutins on Alicia Keys Weddings | Seo Support

Despite being in a state of pregnancy, this does not make Alicia Keys ignore the detail of beauty in her wedding ceremony. Alicia Keys, The singer hits the ‘Empire State of Mind’ is asking Christian Louboutins to design her wedding shoes by Swizz Beats. Also her wedding dress designed by a famous designer, Vera Wang.

“I’m asking Vera Wang to design a dress and Christian Louboutins for designing shoes. Louboutins also designed a shoe.” Swizz Beats said, as quoted from Femalefirst, Sunday, July 22, 2010.

But unfortunately, still a secret wedding ceremony date. This couple was not ready to announce to the public. Outstanding news they will get married this weekend but it was denied by a man who became the producer of Alicia Keys.

“I’m not going to get married this weekend. It is interesting to hear the news. The people are very creative in spreading the word,” Beatz said.


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