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During this time, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is known as one America’s most gifted psychic. Cayce who had received nicknamed “the sleeping prophet” is using the capabilities supernormalnya to help “the sick”. He also warned about changes and disasters that will be experienced by our planet at the end era. Cayce was born in rural Hopkinsville. Before becoming famous, Cayce had a hard life as the son of a farmer. He very diligently study the Bible, wherever he went always bringing the Holy Scriptures, and take the opportunity to read it.

As a child, he was delighted to find that she can sleep in the textbook and absorb the information contained therein. But with the passage of time, this skill is gone, and he left school in sixth grade. He worked odd jobs at fields, in a shoe shop, in bookstores, become a salesman, and be a photographer.

Meet A Goddess
At the age of 13 years, one day, Cayce was sitting under a tree Bible reading, he suddenly was struck by the feeling that he was not alone. Looking up, he saw the figure of one woman in front of him and realizes that she is a goddess. “Your prayers have been heard, “said the goddess. “Tell me what you most want, so I can give it to you. “After a few minutes was filmed, this young man replied: “I want to help others, especially children when they are sick. “

From: http://ping.fm/ICRBu

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