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In this initial episode, wolves roam in Amethyst Mountain in Yellowstone. Players can make these wolves hunting deer and rabbits. Prey detected by eye and smell.

When prey is detected, there will be a sign of the appearance on the screen and the background will change to black and white. The screen also displays the age of prey. Then, HUP! The wolf was struck prey.

Not only the hunt, players can also socialize with other wolves with body language and voice. For example to join a herd or mating.

Order can be issued a howling wolf, players just need to press the button “H” on your keyboard. On the next episode, it is useful to collect howling wolves.

The next episode will be launched on a regular basis this year and explore the wider region in Yellowstone National Park. On the following episode, the wolf’s territory could expand, maintain prey of a hungry bear, raising children, and killing sheep grazing in the nearby area.

WolfQuest can be played alone or more than five players online. Players can also connect via the chat room and share tips. Even extreme hunt deer could be strong together.

Minnesota Zoo to create the game along with Eduweb, an educational software, at a cost of U.S. $ 508,253, assistance from the National Science Foundation. The project also involves the National Zoo in Washington, Phoenix Zoo, Yellowstone, and the International Wolf Center.

They make games for teenagers aged 10-15 years, according to research, most are reluctant to the zoo. “We hope the kids can go back (to visit the zoo),” said Spickelmier. In addition, he hopes these kids interested in wolf conservation and biology.

Riley Breckheimer, boy 11 years old from Apple Valley, has tested the game’s launch party at the time. “Fascinating,” he said. He managed to prey on white-footed rabbit and deer.

According to him, the game that allowed him to appreciate the wolves. “They can run for miles just to catch a deer, something to eat,” the boy said the man.

This game has received praise from David Walsh, president of the National Institute of Media and the Family, a group that studied the impact of media on child health and development. They are also often criticized the violent games.

“This game brings the values of education and a good alternative for game-shooting game that is so popular among teens of that age,” he said.

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