Finally, Obama Supports Construction of Mosque at Ground Zero

President Brack Obama on Friday expressed support yesterday for the construction of mosques in the location of ground zero (the former WTC towers), saying that the country’s fundamentals are not banned.

“As a citizen, and as a president, I believe that Muslims have an equal right to perform their religious teachings as well as other people in this country,” Obama said, while stating the attitude for the first time on the controversy about the construction of a mosque has evolved in New York City and in the U.S. overall.

“That includes the rights to build a place and a community center on private land in lower Manhattan, in accordance with law and applicable local ordinances,” he said. “This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must not be shaken.”

Obama to comment on a breaking fast together at the White House.

White House previously had never been to determine attitudes toward the construction of the mosque, which will form part of an Islamic Center valued at $ 100 million, which is located two blocks from the place where about 3,000 people were declared missing when the hijackers, the aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center on 11 september 2001. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has said that the problem is the problem of local residents.


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