Prince William Wedding Plan Finally Cancel | Seo Support

Prince William, heir to the throne of the British Empire which is planned this year will end bachelor days by marrying his girlfriend Kate Middleton is threatened cancellation. The reason is the son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana was caught having an affair that makes the candidate’s wife, Kate, reportedly not willing to marry. What’s happen with Prince William?

“Kate is heartbroken, she felt betrayed after learning William timing of his love,” said a source in the United Kingdom, Wednesday (21 / 7).

William’s news affair with British singer Natasha Hamilton has also been known by all family and friends of Kate.They know the affair with William see William’s romance with the Natasha photograph that was published in various newspapers. Even in these photos of Prince William looked kissed Natasha.

Kate’s desire to terminate the stronger after he got an inside information that William Buckingham Palace as his father who had a affair.

Prince William, 27 years, Kate Middleton reportedly going to propose that age a year older than he was in the middle of this year. Both have been established in love since 2003.


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