Anything Goes: Causes of Pain Tired When Rise and Shine

After waking up the body should be fresh, having been rested. But, it is often not acquired taste fresh, even the body feels tired. In fact, enough time to sleep between seven to nine hours. If you include people who often feel tired when I wake up, quick to know the cause and soon overcome. Because, someone whose sleep quality is not going to affect the activity and health.

There are several factors causing a person to feel tired when you wake up, some of which are five of the following.

1. Uncomfortable bedding
Although bed early, not necessarily you will have enough sleep because they can suddenly wake up. One possible cause is the bedding like pillows, mattresses, blankets; bolsters and bed linen are not comfortable. Therefore, always clean bedding before you sleep.

Select bedding also makes you comfortable, especially the pillows. A good pillow will support the neck properly and prevent backache. Nothing wrong with buying a rather expensive tool and quality sleep because equipment is an investment for your health.

2. Waking up frequently
If you often wake up at night, certainly the next day the head will feel dizzy and tired bodies. To find the cause of it, what makes you wake up. Whether it be lighting, room temperature, sound or high desire to use the toilet.

Try to adjust light and temperature in the room before you sleep. If you frequently go to the toilet, do not be too much to drink and urinate before bed.


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