Wait till next year: Vin Scully to return to Dodgers for 62nd season

Even if Dodgers fans don’t have much optimism that their team will reach the postseason this year, there is hope for next year, even if the Dodgers fade from the pennant race again.

The team announced Sunday that Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully will return to the booth for a 62 season in 2011. According to the Dodgers, Scully’s 61-year tenure, which began in 1950 when the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn, already represents the longest of any broadcaster in sports history.

“I’m just honored and humbled to continue my association with the Dodgers, which has been a major part of my life,” said Scully, 82.

Scully, who works all Dodgers home games as well as road games against National League West opponents, calls the entire game on the team’s television broadcasts, the first three innings of which are simulcast over radio.
Scully was honored with the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick award for broadcasting excellence in 1982. He has called three perfect games (including Don Larsen’s in the 1956 World Seres), 19 no-hitters 25 World Series and 12 All-Star Games.

From: http://ping.fm/P2zkt

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