Welsh Roswell UFO mystery

Berwyn ball shines in North Wales has encouraged more than three decades of debate between scientists and UFO watchers. However, the UK MoD concluded it was not more of a combination of earthquakes and meteors. Eyewitnesses retired nurse and midwife Pat Evans rarely spoke about the incident. But he reiterated his statement that he saw a UFO on January 23, 1974, in the event known as the “Roswell Incident in Welsh.” Roswell incident itself is the biggest UFO event in history. The incident involving the alleged alien spacecraft debris, including the corpse of an object that crashed near New Mexico, the United States in 1947.

Evans (72) from Llandderfel insisted it was a UFO, because the government could not identify them. Residents heard a big explosion and saw a bright light in the sky above the Berwyn Mountains at night. Some observers have claimed UFO explosion was caused by alien spacecraft crash, which was covered up by the authorities.

From: http://ping.fm/bcEP5

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