Jimena Navarette Miss Universe 2010 | Seo Support

Jimena Navarette Miss Mexico was elected as Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, USA. This girl from Guadalajara beat 88 other women. Prestigious Tiara head eventually pinned Navarette, at the Mandalay Bay casino, a beauty queen at the scene of 59’s. As Miss Universe, 22-year-old girl will receive various prizes. Among the salary was not mentioned in number, inhabiting a free luxury apartment in New York, a diamond-studded crown and jewels like a queen, well-known designer clothes for a year ahead, cosmetics and shoes, as well as scholarships a year at the New York Film Academy. Jimena Navarette Miss Mexico was elected as Miss Universe 2010!!!

Instead, he must dedicate his life for a year ahead to various social events. This year, Miss Universe is required to tour the world to socialize seputra issue of HIV / AIDS and breast cancer. The mission is an important activity of the Miss Universe Organization.

In this session an important question, Navarette asked about the use of Internet by children without supervision. He said, the Internet has become an extremely important tool in this era.

In the second position is Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips and Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell third. Miss Australia aged 19 years old from the Gold Coast was also chosen as Miss Congeniality (good personality). While Most photogenic and won Best National Costume Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul.

From: http://ping.fm/srj0w

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