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A picture of William Trickett Smith II, Joran van der Sloot, and Hugo Trujillo Ospina posing with smiles from a jailhouse has prompted an investigation, reports Peruvian officials today. In the photo,Joran van der Sloot is on the right, William Trickett Smith II is on the left and Hugo Trujillo Ospina is third from the left. Local news have yet to identify the other man.

William Trickett Smith, 29, is reportedly being held following the death of his wife Jana Claudia Gómez Meléndez, 21, believed murdered in her hotel room in Lima on August 16, 2007. Jana Claudia Gómez Meléndez was found floating in a nearby sea by local fisherman. Online reports claim that Smith’s extradition was sought since November 2008 but granted just this summer.

Peru’s National Institute of Corrections issued the following statement moments ago denouncing the jailhouse photo. “On August 23, the Office of Internal Affairs of the institution began administrative and disciplinary actions with the goal of establishing responsibility over the acts of official misconduct by employees of the Castro Castro Correctional Institution. They improperly used photographic equipment that was meant for administrative duties.”

Sloot reportedly told authorities after his arrest that he became enraged when Ramirez allegedly looked inside his computer. “The girl intruded into my private life”. He allegedly told La Republica “I did not want to do it, The girl intruded into my private life.”

From: http://ping.fm/y5MZO

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