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Gmail Phone News, Google then entered the service area of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to provide calling features to the world through your Gmail account customers. Through Gmail, the user can call traditional phone numbers anywhere, at the same time receive phone calls Google Voice in the number concerned. Thanks Google for your Gmail Phone.

“This is a good breakthrough. Because, Gmail users can now call directly through their Gmail page, “said Craig Walker, Product Manager for Real-Time Communication, Google, as quoted from the BBC website.

Unfortunately, until now a new Gmail customer that comes from the U.S. and Canada only can enjoy this service. During this year, the U.S. and Canada Gmail users can call a local number for free.U.S. Gmail users a call to England, France, China and Germany will be charged a fee of U.S. $ 2 cents per minute. While from a phone call from U.S. to home in Jakarta will be charged a fee of U.S. $ 3 cents. However, calls to mobile numbers in Indonesia will be more expensive, ie U.S. $ 11 cents.

This feature appears in the chat window on the left page of Gmail. An option ‘Call Phone’ will appear right under our name, which then will bring up a virtual phone keypad to enter a destination phone number you want.


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