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Two Moons On August 27?
There was a rumor that sent a chain email that says that in the eastern sky on August 27, 2010 will be seen two months. It was only a mere issue. Only rumors are not true. This issue has been originated from the incident in August 2003 in which the position of Earth and Mars are close together. Because of her position of Mars with Earth it looks like a moon of Mars. That was seven years ago was certainly not going to happen this year. Keep accurate count of the astronomical position regarding when Mars will be close to Earth again. Orbits of Mars and the Earth’s orbit should be studied. Two Moons On August 27 just rumor.

According to information, the position of Earth and Mars will be back close to 2287. Thus, I do not think any of us who read this paper will still be able to see the existence of two months in the sky (it’s meaning the moon and mars) when his time arrives.

Here I lay out an email that was circulated for about two months there will be around the sky on August 27


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