Will the iPod Touch Top Quality Same With the iPhone 4 | Seo Support

Predicted Apple would release a new version of iPod Touch in September 2010. Reportedly, the device sail touch music player will be added new features iPhone 4th grade? Want to know the latest rumor?

Site Electricpig technology managed to sneak into a slide show of an online store in the UK, Jhon Lewis, who revealed the latest iPod Touch for the upcoming holiday season. New features were revealed in there, among others, with a resolution of 5 megapixel camera complete with HD video recording, flash, and applications to upload to You Tube, Face Time video calling for video communication with the camera facing forward, and the existence of motion accuracy of better control. These features are already there on the iPhone 4.

Slide show does not mention in detail whether the new design is also similar to the iPod Touch with iPhone 4. iPod Touch new possibilities not too experienced changes in appearance since been streamlined shape.

New rumor circulating in Jhon Lewis is different from the rumors circulating in the online site of Vietnam that the new iPod Touch-resolution 2-megapixel camera. However, later called if it was just a test product, not a manufactured product that is almost complete. The new specification of the iPod Touch are posted by Electricpig also still rumors are pretty yes.

iPod Touch which was issued last year was enough to make people disappointed because Apple introduced the iPod Touch without a camera. It’s all the opposite of what is imagined by people. However, if you want the iPod Touch more class may be necessary until September and see the changes that occurred on the iPod Touch. Who knew the iPod Touch will be present with features like the iPhone and the new packaging.

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From: http://ping.fm/3NDR0

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