Inspired By: Chloe – Celebrity Style and Fashion from WhoWhatWear

As you might have gathered, we very much approve of the sumptuous materials MacGibbon used this season. Accordingly, when we began looking for like-minded products, we kept our fingertips at the ready and tried to only pick highly touchable items. While the fabrics were decidedly upscale, the color palette at Chloé was quite grounded. We saw lots of warm neutrals like camel, nude, and cream, as well as a healthy dose of other hardworking classic hues, such as black, slate, and taupe. In terms of silhouettes and key shapes, MacGibbon offered a range of relaxed slacks, such as Velvet Tapered Leg Pants ($1560) and tapered High-Waisted Silk Pants ($1010), as well as generously draped pieces and oversized jackets, like the Gathered Velvet Skirt ($1550) and Long Twill Blazer ($2260), respectively. Other critical accessory elements came in the form of cord-and-tassel belts, soft OTK boots or lace-up booties, and petite handbags. With these set parameters, we set out in search of our ode-to- Chloé items, the results of which are spotlighted in today’s Inspired By story!

1. Loeffler Randall Oversized Blazer ($575)
Though this moss-colored washed silk jacket is our priciest alternative, it’s definitely a) worth the investment and b) still significantly less than the Chloé versions! Plus, we adore everything about it, from its easy cuffs to its shawl collar.


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