Kara Korean Girl Group

A very popular al girl group from South Korea, Kara, is represented by the giant Daesung Entertainment, who have single handedly changed the entire look of Korean pop music. The band gets its name from the Greek word “chara” which technically means joy. For the five girls, the name represents the meaning “sweet melody” as they become bigger every year since their debut in 2007.

The group started out as a 4 member group with their first album named “The first blooming”. The members, Park Gyuri, , Kim Sunghee, Han Seungyeon and Nicole Jung soon became very popular. Soon afterwards, Daesung entertainment announced that Kim Sunghee would be leaving the group due to parental pressure and introduced 2 new members, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung. Soon the band of five made the kpop charts again with their song “honey”. Other hits include “Pretty girl”, “Wanna”, “Lupin” and “Mister”. They also have 2 hit albums named “The first blooming” and “Revolution” that topped the charts and made the girls famous throughout Asia.

From: http://ping.fm/3iEuU

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