50 Billion would Devices Connected Internet�|�New Spreader

Ericsson predicts that by 2020, about 50 billion devices will connect to the internet. How is this possible? Is not the number of people worldwide are now only six billion people more? In fact, according to UN predictions, the total population in 2020 reached a maximum of only 8 billion inhabitants.

Maybe. According to President and CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg, everyone can connect multiple devices at the same time they have to the Internet. “People want their devices can be connected and they are willing to pay for it,” said Vestberg, via press release.

According to Ericsson’s research, the respondents stated that the average expenditure is acceptable is between U.S. $ 29-42 (260-380 thousand) for the combination of enhancements.

From: http://ping.fm/iWlcc

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