Theo Walcott Strikethrough From England Football Club

No inclusion of Theo Walcott in the final list of 23 players who will bring Fabio Capello is the surprise of many parties, but the reason for the occurrence of it now began to unfold.

Theo Walcott is often not comply with what has been requested by Don Fabio, he is often denied and ultimately expensive price must he pay a performance ahead of the official World Cup South Africa 2010.

Capello has often asked for Walcott to play and attack through the right side of a broad outer area of the opponent, but he kept trying to stab from the inside, making the Italian coach is often frustrating.

One source from within the squad go to vote, “The manager has told Walcott cried out loud in front of us all, but the message is just passed and did not run,”

Besides Capello also was not impressed with what Walcott has done during the exercise, he called could not prove his words, he failed to fulfill what he promised.


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