About the September 11 Pictures

Photos of events the attack the World Trade Center twin towers finally published. The photos were taken by former detectives from the New York Police (NYPD), Greg Semendinger, from a helicopter owned by the police. Greg being the only person who-perpetuating events of 11 September 2001 a bloody air.

“The photographs make us understand the phenomenon visually, what really happened,” Jan said Ramirez, the executive Museum September 11. “It’s even become the most extraordinary pictures in the world today,” he added.

In some images, the peak Woolworth building and several other skyscrapers look like a cloud of smoke mixed with a huge dust cloud, very contras with the sky blue when it is sunny. Clouds of black clouds and immediately envelops the streets shortly after the twin towers were hit by a falling airplane. Kinda hard to see the buildings at that time as it is covered with dust. Scenery that can be seen only a black cloud hanging over the Hudson River on the edge of Manhattan.

From: http://ping.fm/y8boz

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