Chris Rainey Should Shine

Alligator buffs couldn’t have been more excited to have him. They welcomed him with overt sleeves. To denote his arrival to the school, all Rainey did was blaze a pigboat 4.3 40 yard sprint time to realize fastest instrumentalist on the squad awards every bit exactly a immature starter. To do that at a school like a Florida that has super calibre jocks oozing out from every nooks and crannies is surely a decent achievement to pronounce the least.

Although his on the discipline public presentation was jolly underwhelming in his 1st season, precisely one bucketing along effort for ten spot yards, everyone knew Rainey had what it takes to be a whizz. If it weren’t for a berm accidental injury that got him to redshirt, the newcomer could have had a often bigger shock early.

Rainey would make up for it over the adjacent two seasons. He dealt to hasten for over 1,000 grounds in two twelvemonths on a squad that was carried with offensive artilleries. Rainey teamed up with fellow speedster Jeff Demps to create one of the most annihilating and volatile rushing twosomes in the nation.


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