Star Wars Adventures | Ancisa News

Star Wars Adventures, Although not the Star Wars MMO, probably the majority of people are eagerly awaiting the announcement of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures based on the currently airing Star Wars: Clone Wars television series was relatively not very long ago with a beta which seemed to follow as quickly. No matter if you can quote all the lines coming from the mouth of Yoda, or only know him as the type of vegetation. If you like Star Wars (or even casual games in general) is likely to dig this compilation and its social elements.

Despite being an MMO, do not go in expecting business as usual. No mission. No gain levels. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is all about playing games, earning credits, buying items, winning prizes, and interact with friends. Players start by choosing your character, which can be male or female, then either a general look like a Jedi or clone soldier. For those willing to put some money in the game, you can customize your character base from a handful of various options.


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