Antique Wooden Furniture

Mahogany tree is such a long familiar quality that it is hardly necessary to articulate much about it in someone’s way of description. To most peoples it is a familiar mahogany red wood, and it has been utilised for stimulating furniture since well nigh 1730. The tone was imported from the Bahamas, from San Domingo, from Cuba, and from Honduras. Properly speaking these different situations made trees that were not ordinarily Cuban mahogany, but the utilization of the word paste to spread over all tones of a reddish brown colour that resembled it closely in visual aspect and could be worked in a similar manner.

It is the Cuban kind that has the real classifiable markings darling of cabinet-makers in the last half of the 18th one c. This change was employed oftentimes in the variety of facings, every bit was walnut, in order to depict the visible light and shade of the computations to the best reward.


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