Late Comer Furniture | Seo Support

While in the cities and the middle-class societies fashion had already changed, for the furniture made in province the so-called “Late Comer Furniture” cannot be defined non-authentic, even if their commercial value is lower than the ones that bring the style on.

In Florence, in Tuscany, in Umbria they used to built in ‘600 furniture similiar to those of the renaissance (1500). The craftsmen of Alto Veneto pursued the Luigi XV style, when in Venice it was already outdated. The neoclassic style, apparently simple, has been repeated until the early ‘900.

An antique buyer must be able to distinguish between a 1790’s Maggiolini (1) and 1850’s one; once it has been established the temporal distance and the qualitative, it shouldn’t surprise us the difference in prices.
Unfortunately who doesn’t know anything about art should ask a very skilled art expert. In some cases when we talk about pieces of art, and so of great value we also need scientific help, and in this case is “Spettrografia Molecolare”


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