Batik Kenongo, Handicraft From Indonesia

Nevertheless, the Government still see the potential of batik can be developed, although now only one batik artisans who survive. The government was eager to save the existence of typical batik Batik Kenongo as Madison County and Indonesia of course. Currently, significant efforts are taken to preserve the noble culture. Moreover, the current batik has been recognized up to international level. It took hard work of all parties to make it happen. I request the support of you who read this article.

Batik Kenongo is quite well known as one of the many motifs of batik in Indonesia. Motive of many styles and motifs promote coastal areas and daring mix of various colors, making Batik Kenongo got its own place in the hearts of lovers of batik. Marketing Batik Kenongo has penetrated up to exit the country such as Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. I look forward to hopefully be known around the world.

The types of batik being developed include batik stamp or printing, and batik combination of batik and printed batik. Of course, batik is more expensive, because the manufacturing requires perseverance and patience. The result was certainly not disappointed.

Batik Kenongo Could Rise Again
Batik crafts for Kenongo can develop and is known world, the Indonesian government to do the various steps wisely. One of them is to enter batik skills into school curriculum. Thus, in addition to regeneration occurs, the diversity of patterns and motifs can be copied and maintained. If you are interested in a variety of handicrafts from my country, I invite you to read Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace for something fresh issue. There you will be taken to a main site where the site provides all information about Indonesian handicrafts. If you are interested in having some of the results of these crafts, you can also buy on the site.


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