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UFO’s Deadly Nuclear Systems In England
United States military pilots launched a surprise witness: aliens have landed, breaking into the UK’s nuclear installations and deadly nuclear bombs already active. Retired Capt. Robert Salas directly witnessed the incident on March 16, 1967 while serving in the Air Force Base Malmstorm. At military installations that store nuclear missiles “Minuteman” saw an object flying just above the missile that was ready to glide.

“As many as 10 missile Minuteman died instantly,” he said as quoted by the Telegraph news site on Tuesday (28 / 9). According to him, the same events are repeated in other installations a week later. He believes the unidentified object that has enormous interest in nuclear missiles. “They’re obviously not from Planet Earth,” said Salas.

Another former soldier witnessed similar things. Still in the UK, Retired Colonel Charles Halt said she saw a UFO Unidentified Flying Object, aka the Military Air Base at the former Bentwaters, near Ipswich, 30 years ago.

Flying objects that emit light toward the base. “Then I heard on the radio that aliens landed troops at nuclear storage areas,” he said. The base was now turned to be owned by U.S. air base, U.S. 81st Tactical Fighter Wing.

From: http://ping.fm/Kuer6

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