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Actor Tony Curtis Died – One of his famous Hollywood actor, Tony Curtis passed away in Las Vegas on Wednesday (29 / 9) local time in 85 years. He was diagnosed with a heart attack that caused his death. Curtis was born with the name of Bernard Schwartz, Temple Emanuel Schwartz’s partner and wife Helen Klein. Both his parents were Jewish immigrants from Mateszalka-Hungary. During World War II, Tony Curtis joined the U.S. Navy. He served on the submarine USS Proteus and on 2 September 1945 to become one officially witness the Japanese surrender to the allies in Tokyo Bay.

His film career started Joyce Selznick talent discovery and Curtis arrived in Hollywood in 148 at age 23 years. D under a contract with Universal Pictures he uses the commercial name, Tony Curtis. He started his film career with Criss Cross (1949) and later, “City Across the River”. But the most famous film is “Some Like It Hot”.

“He was a fellow actor who is fun to work together, said former James Bond star Roger Moore a few times playing with Curtis

During his career, Curtis was disappointed because I never receive an Oscar. But in March 2006, nearly 60 years after the first arrival time to Holywod, Curtis received the “Sony Ericsson Empire Lifetime Achievement Award”.


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