Lorenzo is The New Moto GP World Champion

Lorenzo is The New Moto GP World Champion, After two seasons, Jorge Lorenzo finally managed to achieve your dreams for the first time MotoGP world champion. Sleep is the third time, won third place in Malaysia at Sepang Circuit MotoGP series on Sunday (10/10/2010). Yeah, after two early season failed to realize their ambitions, because it is only able to end the season at four positions (prime) and runner-up in two seasons, finally out of the shadows Lorenzo Rossi. In three, Lorenzo manages to look even worse than his colleagues.

In the series inaugural 2010 season, still have to recognize excellence Lorenzo Rossi, who won in Qatar. Lorenzo should be satisfied with the order of two. However, the next two rounds in Spain and France, before Rossi and Lorenzo managed to finish in first place.

From: http://ping.fm/lp7Sz

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