Toyota Kijang Innova is The Best Indonesian Family Car | Seo Support

KIJANG INNOVA is the most successful family car in this country. Since 2005 until now Kijang Innova account for more than 70 percent of the market segment of the MPV (multipurpose vehicle) national medium.

The high sales figures due to a factor of “I” or the Indonesian factor, because the Kijang Innova is made based on the desires and needs of Indonesian families. “Factor T in Kijang Innova can be seen from one of its high ground clearance appropriate to road conditions in Indonesia, in addition to the spaciousness, comfort and high capacity of up to 8 passengers also tailored to the characteristics of Indonesian consumers who have large families, so always travel with a family large enough. This is one of the things that make it the ideal vehicle Indonesian family.

The success of Kijang Innova continues to perch on top in the medium MPV class because of the requirement as the ideal family vehicle met here. Transport capacity of 8 persons, high ground clearance, comfortable and luxurious, roomy and powerful performance. All excess arguably not owned another vehicle.


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