What To Do About The Increasing Price Of Cable TV

With the ever-rising cost of cable today, one has to wonder at what point does the service become too darned expensive to afford. Sure, we can now get an abundance of high-definition channels, DVR service, numerous special interest channels, and video-on-demand (on days when it actually works), but do we really spend enough time in front of the tube (or the flat panel I should say) these days to make our monthly payment truly worth it? Many cable customers are starting to think not .

It’s not necessarily the cable operators’ fault entirely though. It seems that about half of the monthly cable bill charged to the consumer is programming costs charged to the cable provider. These costs have drastically risen over the past few years affecting the price tag of video from cable operators and direct-broadcast satellite providers alike. In analyzing the monthly fee per subscriber charged by programmers, I have seen a large difference between the charges to cable operators by the various channels, seemingly on the basis of popularity. It stands to reason that “The Goat Roping Channel” is not going to charge as much as “The Super Duper Sports

From: http://ping.fm/jUHf1

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