The Nokia Windows Phone

On Tuesday, Nokia released a phone that is free buttons in Singapore. Nokia N9 be a new chapter for the Finnish company in the “fight” MeeGo operating system built with this Intel.Kali, the Finnish company that makes a surprise anymore. In a meeting that was followed by a limited circle, Nokia Chief Executive (CEO) Stephen Elop actually leaked prototype phones running the Windows operating system’s Phone. Before showing off your Nokia Phone Windows before, Elop asked the entire audience to not turn on their cameras and must not take pictures. Then, he said that Nokia made with Microsoft that has the code “Sea Ray”.

Nokia Windows Phone

Although Elop had banned all invitations to take pictures, but of course anyone could steal a moment and spread them on the Internet. Quoting from the Telegraph site, Nokia phones are built with Microsoft’s much like the Nokia N9. However, the very secret prototype phones that have a button that seems to be used for direct access to the camera. In addition, Nokia also put the LED flash at different sides with the Nokia N9. Apparently, Nokia was deliberately opened the curtain a little Windows Phone This Nokia mobile phone. The goal is to find out public response to the new phones are scheduled to be launched at the Nokia World event that took place in London, in October 2011. A Nokia spokesman declined to comment on the leaked Nokia Phone Windows earlier. However, he did not deny that it is a prototype cell phone that had been kept secret. “We can not comment on rumors or speculation,” he said.

Source : Nokia Windows Phone and support for Nokia Windows Phone

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