What is a Gadget?

What is a Gadget Guide?
Have you ever wondered what the little, single-service applications that sit in your desktop or your iGoogle are? These are gadgets. A gadget is a small application that you can use to simplify your life. There are all kinds of gadgets. You are probably most familiar with things like the clock gadget, the To Do list gadget, the calendar gadget, calculator gadget and other every-day gadgets that sit on your desktop and are referenced throughout your day-to-day life.

There are also more specific types of gadgets that can simplify your life even further. For instance, if you are travelling then you could use a currency converter gadget to help you figure out how much things cost in your native currency or you could use a weather gadget to see what the weather will be like in the country you are travelling to before your trip. A popular gadget in blogs and websites is the RSS gadget, which allows you to post a feed of content from other sites on the Web.

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