Lake Red Like Blood Found In Bengkulu – Indonesia

Lake Red Like Blood Found In Bengkulu – Indonesia
City residents Pagaralam, South Sematera, Saturday (4 / 12), found that the surface of the lake water as red as blood with an area of six hectares on the border province of Bengkulu, Indonesia.

The existence of this lake can be reached also new takes about two days on foot through forests and hills Rimbacandi, Village Temple Jaya, District of South Dempo.


The location of the lake in the hills around the border between the City Raje Mandare Pagaralam and Kaur, Bengkulu Province is famous for its many historic relics including stored various temples.

The area is indeed a lot of strange things can be found, not only with the visible surface of the lake water is red, but there is also the location of the scent of Pandanus cause when the night.

Blood Lake is indeed strange, though viewed from the surface is red, but when the water is taken using a hand raised to the surface just like a normal clear color and clear, “he said.

There are other things that we found such a giant centipede the size of a width of 30 centimeters with a length of 50 cm, a giant bird and the buffalo whose ear there is a nest of bees or wasps, however, we do not know what is stored in the hill Raje Mandare it.

Local authorities to conduct research in the area, constrained problems as well as limited funds necessary experts in their fields.

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