Inflammatory Breast Cancer

What is inflammatory breast cancer? The inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is rare. It is very important to distinguish IBC from other types of breast cancer, because there are large differences in the symptoms, the prognosis (outlook), and treatment. “Inflammatory” or “inflammatory” refers to changes in body tissues, which may be caused by injury, irritation or infection.

This often leads to redness, warmth and swelling of the body parts involved in blood flow and accumulation of white blood cells. One type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer because the affected breast displays the same symptoms that may occur with inflammation such as redness of the skin inflammation, and orange peel like texture of the skin. But that does not mean BAC (or symptoms) is caused by infection or injury. The symptoms of OCA are caused by the cancer cells block the lymph vessels in the skin.

There is some disagreement on the numbers, but the IBC is probably about 1% of all breast cancers were diagnosed in the United States. Some experts believe that the IBC may be more common, but the diagnosis of IBC is often difficult. This could mean the disease has not been reported often as it should.

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