Products To Brighten Skin

What it does: Cleans and removes impurities, including makeup and environmental damage. Instructions: Available in milk, gel, emulsion or foam cleaner. Cleaners milk and cream can be tissue or hot water washing, best for sensitive skin cleansing foam or gel. Clouthier says it’s best to talk to a specialist in skin care if you are unsure. Most cosmetic shops offer free consultations.

Toner (also known as lotions)
What it does: Clouthier says it is a misconception that ink cartridges are full of alcohol to tighten the pores. In fact, the dyes used to prepare for moisture after cleaning. “This is the first step to replace the moisture,” says Clouthier. “Because if you went ahead and put a moisturizer as soon as [it] does not go away the day, because the skin is so thirsty after cleaning.”


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