Barnes & Noble Finally Launches The Tablet Nook

Barnes & Noble Finally Launches the Tablet Nook – “When Nook Tablet We are offering the best multimedia device ever created in a portable form factor,” said Barns & Noble CEO William Lynch, during the inauguration in the company of Union Square New York bookstore.

Lynch touted tablet screen resolution and battery life are the key selling points. The tablet is an e-reader, and streaming HD movies and music. The company is partnering with Zulu and Netflix offer video content. Users can read magazines, interactive children’s books, comics, and use applications, Barnes & Noble Nook Store. The display has its own design called “VividView,” said Lynch, who has a brighter screen and a wider viewing angle than other tablets.

As for battery life, said Lynch, a user would be able to watch movies, either on disk or continuously for 8 hours. That would mean five full-length HD moves on a flight between New York and Rome, for example. To read, the battery will last as long as 11 hours. The tablet will be available “at the end of next week” in stores Barnes & Noble, other retailers and mail. Users will be able to store data on Cloud Nook and Barnes & Noble offer free Wi- Fi in all its stores by AT & T.

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