Books vs.. Print Books

The company said in May that its digital books were outselling his books printed after reporting last year that they had eclipsed stapled. The last statement was perfect and news ricocheted around the internet and the media as the latest sign that paper books are endangered.

Books Vs. Print Books – Amazon does not reveal her measurements, however, and some pointed out that its figures relate only to unit sales, which could easily be influenced by thousands of titles available at low prices, often for less than a dollar. In July, said Amazon Kindle Store was 950,000 books on offer, 800,000 of them were $ 9.99 or less.

Across the market, ebooks accounted for only 6.4% of total revenues of the books published to the public last year, according to the Association of American Publishers, whose members include leading publishers in the country.

But that is changing. The group later issued a report on the first five months of 2011 show that ebook sales grew to about one fifth of the total cake during this period, soaring by 160% while the total turnover and Hardcover Paperback both were down nearly 20%. Retail sales took a hit this year that the national chain closed its border stores after declaring bankruptcy.

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