How to Extend The Loan Period, Borrowed E-book

How to extend the loan period, borrowed E-Book – If you do not have enough time to stop the e-copy of, say, “help” was pretty much out of luck, you’ll need to see if you can borrow again to someone else (who bought the e- book can be borrowed only once), or buy it outright.

Or maybe not. I found a way to keep your loan e-books forever – or at least until you’ve read. The back story: I was in the middle of Jonathan Franzen “Freedom” when my e-book loans (as eBookFling) reached the milestone of two weeks. I received an e-mail that was imminent, so I knew exactly when the weather was near the top.

I had been using the Kindle for reading the book both my iPhone and my color Rincon (who became an Android tablet, in part, so that you can use for Amazon e-books). The expiration date of “freedom” has come, and of course, when I got it on my iPhone, the book was up and inaccessible.

Then I got to know: the books are “wired” to expire after two weeks, or it is only through communication with the service they synchronizing Amazon Whispernet are directed to the second look? It turns out that this is the last, because I disabled Wi-Fi on my Nook, responsible Amazon app, and found that “freedom” was still there, still readable. Because I cut the capacity of the app to communicate with Whispernet, Whispernet could not tell the application of the loan period of the book had expired. I am now about five days earlier this time.

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