Hugo Films Review

Hugo Films – make the images move. They turn into little dolls mighty dinosaurs, toy boats and Spanish frigates. Skeletons are dancing the tarantella, the maanitteli torrential rain from the sky-blue sky. If they lived a few hundred years before, would be burned at the stake as wizards. But are the only directors and cast spells, they have over us. And a child who fell fatally to their fascination for more than half a century ago, now prefer to pay again for your sweet trick. “Hugo”, a beautiful new film by Martin Scorsese, there are many things – experiment with a new medium of the artist and genre, a story full of adventure and innocent joy. But above all is a sweet love letter to cinema, and the pioneers.


Based on a book by award-winning New Jersey author Brian Selznick, is the story that takes place in 1931 in Paris, where young, orphaned Hugo lives in the walls of the Montparnasse train station, shopping for watches and tries to recreate an ATM abroad. It runs against a police inspector cruel, though. And run right into the bizarre world of a man named Papa Georges, the owner of a small toy store in anger – and perhaps the man who holds the key to the robot, and other attempts to unlock secrets Hugo .

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