The Secret Smile of Kate Middleton

The Secret Smile of Kate Middleton, During this public lot with a charming smile made curious figure of Kate Middleton. Her teeth are sparkling like pearls always looks gorgeous every time she smiled. But the public has no need to wonder anymore because Kate Middleton has revealed the secret! Smile is certainly not obtained without effort. Dailymail reported that during this time the Duchess of Cambridge has appointed a professional dentist to treat teeth that actually it is not perfect. With the ability to dr. Didier Fillion, Kate’s smile was more a dream.

With the dental technology called micro-rotation, anyone can get the teeth strong, white and luminous. The way in which a layer is to polish the teeth or adding a layer of porcelain on a person’s teeth. For maximum results, care should be taken diving 6 months to two years at a cost of approximately £ 4,000 to £ 11,000.


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