The camera of Nokia N8 Review

The camera of Nokia N8, the first to complete a film
Khalili, told the Los Angeles Times, said he had to hack the phone to remove the auto-zoom and auto focus functions to obtain a technology that works for you. The Nokia N8 has a camera that “thinks he knows which parts you want to focus, but does not know,” said the director.

The rest of the recording of the film was conventionally, with a casting director, makeup and a Hollywood star and Oscar Gena Rowlands. In this sense, the former chief privacy officer of Facebook, Chris Kelly, who provided the money was to create this film, as Nokia at the request of director refused to finance it.

This device from the Finnish company went on sale last Christmas season and features the Symbian operating system 3. The camera is available to a wide angle 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss, so the Nokia N8 allows very high quality photos and videos in high definition.

The camera of Nokia N8, the first to complete a film
In addition, the terminal has Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound with spectacular results. Similarly, one of its most interesting features is that it allows the terminal to transfer files directly from a USB external hard drive or USB through ‘On-the-Go’.


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