Lauren Scruggs Tragedy

Lauren Scruggs Tragedy, For now the researchers are struggling to collect all the data that has a relationship with the accident that happened to a famous model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs. Lauren Scruggs reportedly seriously injured after accidentally walking into the room a small propeller plane, one of the focus to be investigated is who the pilot, which is now known as a friends and family of Lauren Scruggs Tragedy. Kurt Richmond a pilot from Frisco, Texas, who on Saturday night he was flying over Dallas Scruggs to see the Christmas lights before the accident occurred.

Although Richmond has not wanted to have an interview but the information there is to say that the Scruggs family does not blame Richmond for the accident that occurred. This accident led to Lauren’s hand cut off and sliced ​​the left side of the face and shoulders. At this point it remains unclear whether she will lose her left eye.


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