Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty the Queen in the English title is: “Elizabeth Second, by the grace of God of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. When Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne? Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne Feb. 6, 1952, after the death of his father, King George VI. his coronation in Westminster abbey, followed by 2 June 1953. (A new king or queen began to reign when their succession to the throne was announced, but the coronation – when placed in the crown of head of the king – will not happen until several months later ..)

Queen celebrates its Golden Anniversary (50 years since her accession) in 2002. The head of state Queen Elizabeth II is head of the English state. He is the queen of 16 former British colonies, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and the head of the Commonwealth, a multinational body created after the dissolution of the British Empire.

Follow this link to find out what the Queen does not work Who is the Queen’s wedding? Queen, married to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the son of Prince and Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark. They were married November 20, 1947. Duke is the third cousin of Queen Elizabeth, they share Queen Victoria as a great grandmother.


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