Whitney Houston’s Cause of death

The announcement came after a Houston personal physician diagnosed emphysema in his body. Emphysema is a chronic lung disease characterized damage to lung tissue loses its elasticity. The loss of elasticity that makes the air in the lungs can not get out and go normally. As a result, the air bag will swell due to a buildup of air in it. In this condition, patients typically show symptoms of difficulty breathing. The main cause of emphysema is smoking.

Whitney Houston’s name skyrocketed because of his ability to sing up to five-octave voice range. In 1980 he became the singer’s first African-American women who entered into the MTV charts at that time dominated by white rock singers.

The highest selling debut album as a solo singer, who was ranked # 1 on the Billboard 200. He also holds seven pieces of single # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking the record held by six times the Beatles and the Bee Gees.

From: http://ping.fm/LO0fO

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