2012 Grammy Awards Fashion

54th Grammy Awards held again in Stapless Center, Los Angeles, Sunday (12/02/2012). In addition to waiting for a winner who scores, peer fashion look of world musicians who helped this event become a long-awaited event. Peep the following charm.

Two that stand out which celebrities Rihanna and Katy Perry. Two different genre singer looked stunning with their clothing choices. Rihanna with a black long dress Armani Prive masterpiece, and Katy Perry with the work of Elie Saab’s blue dress. However, look glamorous and elegant both so subtly by the selection of clothing and accessories they wear.

Tarbaru coverage of Fashion event for the 54th Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, California, United States, Sunday (12/02/2012) evening local time. As usual, the evening was the conferring of the world music industry a chance for the celebrities in attendance to show off their best fashion trend. and below are the Top 10 Clothing ‘Grammy Awards 2012’

Grammy Award awards 2012-54 to be held on Sunday (02/13/2012) evening local time. All the celebrities in attendance attempted to perform optimally, but some are failing. 9 Consider the best and worst celebrity appearances, as quoted from selebuzz.

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