Beauty: Daily Routine Quickly and Efficiently

Beauty: daily routine quickly and efficiently Besides the features that distinguish the needs of each person, even the seasons determine the most suitable treatments to be carried out on skin and hair: sun, weather and habits are just the tip of the iceberg then becomes essential to optimize the time to devote to the care of itself.

The facial skin requires a daily beauty routine with gestures simple but essential, indispensable, especially if the aim is to keep it in the best way. Delicate and in need of constant care, should always be washed properly in the morning and at bedtime, in order to maintain consistently clean and helping to properly absorb the subsequent treatments.

To avoid excessively dry skin, avoid using the water every day, replacing it with a more nourishing cleanser. The massage on the face should be performed gently, remove with a cotton swab off excess in case of a skin more oily, milk may be replaced with a gel too soft but less oily.

via Beauty: Daily Routine Quickly and Efficiently

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