This is Leaked Film: Iron Man Three

One of the most anticipated superhero will appear in The Avengers was IRON MAN.. But in addition will join the superhero team The Avengers, Iron Man will continue to act in the film itself is still to continue for the next sequel, titled IRON MAN 3. MARVEL not feel like there is no release of Superhero-year absence because after The Avengers aired on May 4, 2012, the IRON MAN 3 will air right after one year after the date of May 3, 2013.

MARVEL is not yet officially released the synopsis from IRON MAN 3. However, predictions and speculations about how the story of the three Iron Man movies is starting to emerge. Reportedly in her latest film Iron Man later will show a figure villain (villain) is much much more. This would involve “nanobot technology”, a technology first used by a group of terrorists (in the first film IRON MAN) is then used by Tony Stark to create a super costume. In addition Tony Stark will also be associated with “extremists”, a technology that replicate the “super soldier serum” that had changed Steve Rogers became Captain America.


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