Justin Timberlake, The Elegance of a Crooner

Justin Timberlake, the elegance of a crooner At 31, Justin Timberlake has several lives behind a legend and hand sewn. Not a casual, munching cream puffs in his suite at the Park Hyatt, the darling of the girls displayed a quickdraw hurry to trade: anthracite Givenchy suit, shirt caviar, huge wristwatch.

“I manage my time by fifteen minutes, he says, teacher. My mother taught me how little he had to optimize every moment of the day. “

So it was perhaps destined to play the hero of Time Out, this futuristic vigilante fighting against the tyranny of age in the thriller released recently by Andrew Niccol. Justin contemplates the Paris sky, a cloudy sky which clouded his famous blue eyes. In Weston waxed on the carpet of yarrow palace, his feet nervously beat the measure, reminiscent of his other profession: prince of pop and dance floors, as hip-hop, rap kingpin baggy.

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